Modern High Gloss Kitchens by Rational

The Modern High Gloss Kitchens by Rational

Modern :: Durable :: Bespoke

The Rational Kitchen Difference

Kitchens have always been a central feature of houses across the world for centuries and the same still applies to this day. Being a central feature of the home also translates to the area where a lot, if not most, attention is paid. It is one of the rooms that visitors, as well as family and friends, will take note of the most when they visit. It’s this trend that has led to the rise of more and more of us opting for higher-end, modern, designer kitchens.

Rational Kitchens
A Rational installation designed by Kitchen Coordination and installed for a delighted customer in Whitstable

One of the more favourable ways to make a profound impression to any visitor in your home is by having a Rational kitchen professionally designed and installed. Rational kitchens combine German-inspired innovation and the elegance of Italian design and are designed in such a way to reflect the way of modern living. They are also aesthetically pleasing being coated in high-gloss lacquer, however, the benefits are not only superficial and limited to how they look, but also their high durability with the lacquer being applied in 6 layers ensuring it’s longevity.

Unlike vinyl gloss, high gloss lacquer is not reflective but rather gives the units in your Rational kitchen a much smoother finish with a slight, elegant sheen. In addition to the finish, when it comes to colour selection you need not worry as there is quite an extensive range to choose from, this applies to both their High Gloss and the Velvet Lacquer ranges. And if you’ve looked through a range and not found your ideal colour, Rational allows for you to pick any colour  from any RAL colour matching chart and subsequently your kitchen will arrive in your colour of choice.

All Kitchen Coordination designed Rational kitchens are also designed with sustainability in mind. Many who have chosen to have one installed have remained loyal to the brand and would not be looking elsewhere should they find themselves wanting or needing a new kitchen installed. It’s not only the sustainability factor that has attracted this loyalty but also the outstanding quality and standard of all areas of the kitchen, this all-round consistency is clear throughout each of our installed Rational kitchen's in our range. All the units used in our kitchens also close very smoothly and softly without making any loud sounds or creaking. This is again representative of the quality of German design when it comes to Rational kitchens.

Rational was one of the first manufacturers to receive the ‘Golden M’ award. This high accolade is only awarded after all the furniture within the Rational Kitchen has undergone rigid and thorough testing to ensure that it is durable, safe as well as sturdy. This means that when you’re buying a Rational kitchen you can rest assured that all the furniture within the kitchen ticks all these boxes and represents absolute highest German quality standards. Safety glass used in the design of furniture within Rational kitchens also undergo extensive glass breakage tests and you’ll be glad to know safety glass is used in most of the units, furniture & accessories.

Another feature of our high-end modern kitchens from Rational is the ability to have under-unit feature lighting installed. This can bring your kitchen to life , setting the mood and it can also be customized as such to fit in with the existing lighting you already have in your kitchen. This lighting also allows for your kitchen to look a lot more open and inviting to guests as well as accentuating and bringing to the forefront the units in your Rational kitchen.

We also appreciate that a lot of time is spent in the kitchen preparing meals and this is taken into account during the design process. All our designs take into consideration the art of ergonomics ensuring that while you’re in the kitchen cooking up a meal for the rest of your family or for a specific occassion, it isn’t a physically straining and exhausting process. The influence ergonomics plays in the design of our kitchens means that you have a perfect working height allowing you to cook in absolute comfort.

Designer Kitchens by Rational
Another Kitchen Coordination design for a happy client in Elstree, Hertfordshire

In summary, if you’re considering upgrading your current kitchen or having a completely new one designed and installed should you have moved into a new home, there is no better choice than a Rational kitchen. Not only for the reasons we’ve mentioned above but because all our professionally designed kitchens are customised to reflect your personality, style and requirements, to truly turn your house into a home - all with the reassurance of the high quality standards and durability of the Rational brand that will serve you well for the years to come.